Tracking Sunday night and Monday showers


Today: Sunny Morning. Becoming Cloudy & Breezy in the Afternoon. High: 54. Wind: S 10-15.
Tonight: Cloudy. Showers Arrive. A Touch Breezy. Low: 48. Wind: S 5-15.
Monday: Cloudy, Rainy, & Windy. High: 58. Wind: SW 10-20.
Tuesday: Cloudy & Breezy. Temperatures Drop. High: 48 just after midnight. Mid 30s in the Afternoon. Wind: W 10-25.

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Weather Discussion: After a sunny start, the clouds take over for the afternoon. It's all because showers are on the way. They arrive overnight.

The showers are coming up with milder air. Look for low to mid 50s today and upper 50s tomorrow.

The showers will be scattered for the Monday morning commute. Then, the rain gets steadier around lunchtime. The rain will even be heavy at times early in the afternoon. The rain breaks up into scattered showers for the evening commute, and the showers end overnight Monday.

Once the showers end, it'll get cold--really cold. On Tuesday, our high of 48 happens just after midnight. By sunrise, we're at 42. Then, we're down in the low 30s in the evening as temperatures drop all day. The wind chill will make it feel in the 20s. Speaking of 20s, that's our high on Wednesday: 28. The wind chill will make it feel colder. There's no wind chill on Thursday as highs go up to 34. Wednesday and Thursday will be nice and sunny.

We'll turn cloudy Friday afternoon as highs reach the low 40s. Then, we're in the mid 40s on Saturday with showers from those clouds.

The clouds end with a cold front, so back into the 30s we go for the week of Dec 15. We'll get some snow at some point that week. It's too early to pinpoint the day, but we'll keep you updated.

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